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 交信は日本時間の7月22日(木・祝)18時14分25秒からおよそ10分間にわたって行われる。国際宇宙ステーションのコールサインは「NA1SS」。ARISS のWebサイトによると、ISSからは145.80MHzで音声信号が送られてくる。今回はISSのキャプテン(船長)を務めるJAXA所属の星出彰彦宇宙飛行士(KE5DNI)が担当するが、交信は英語で行われるという。生徒15名からの質問は次のように事前公表されている(arissnews.rtfより)。


1. What is the best space food that you have ever had?


2. Do you have any personal routines that you do before you do something important?


3. Can you prove that you are actually in space and not just in some NASA base?


4. What made you want to become an astronaut?


5. What do you think when you see Japan from space?


6. What are the most amazing natural phenomena that you have ever seen from space?


7. Is there anything in the universe that cannot be seen from earth?


8. What would be the biggest challenge if people decide to move to Mars?


9. What is the most inconvenient thing about living in space?


10. You have been on several missions to space. On your first trip, what was the hardest part about coming back to earth?


11. What was the hardest part of your training and tests on earth?


12. What does the aurora borealis look like from space?


13. Many different countries and companies are trying their best to explore space, but I don’t think they should compete with each other. Instead, we need to unite together, because we are all human beings; we are all on one team. Mr. Hoshide, what do you think about it?


14. As the captain of the ISS, what do you think is the most important part of your job?


15. I want to major in “space engineering” at university. So, could you please tell me what kinds of. technology you would want to be developed in the future.





ARISSスクールコンタクト開催時のISS軌道予測(7M3TJZ 安田氏のSatTrack V3.1.6使用)








<第一目標金額達成! NEXT GOAL120万円まであと少し>クラウドファンディングでARISSスクールコンタクト(宇宙飛行士と子供たちがアマチュア無線で交信)を含む総合サイエンスイベントを計画




・西南学院中学校・高等学校 公式サイト
・8N6SW 西南スクールコンタクト 特設ページ
・Upcoming educational Contacts(ARISS.org)





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