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 ISSの宇宙飛行士と日本の子供たちの交信は2017年12月11日に行われた、愛媛県西予市立城川小学校の児童(8J5SS)との交信以来43日ぶりとなる。交信は日本時間の1月22日(月)19時23分21秒からおよそ10分間にわたって行われる。国際宇宙ステーションのコールサインは「NA1SS」。ARISS JapanのWebサイトによると、ISSからは145.80MHzで音声信号が送られてくる。




1. What did you think when you saw the Earth from the space first time?
2. Do plants grow at the same speed as if it is on the Earth?
3. Is there any difference of how you feel the taste?
4. Did you physiological clock changed? If yes how did it changed?
5. Is there any difference of how sun looks? Is it brighter or bigger or bigger?
6. Does smoke go up as if it is on the Earth?
7. What was the first changing that occurred to your body?
8. What did you think when you reached to the ISS?
9. Have you been moved by any view of space? If yes How was it like?
10. Is it Comfortable to live in the ISS?
11. Are there ceiling in the ISS even it is under weightless condition?
12. What is your favorite job/activity in the ISS?
13. When did you decided to go to the space? How old were you?
14. Do you often see sun eclipse?
15. Can you see any cultural artifact on the Earth?
16. Can you hear sounds such as Solar wind when you are working out side of the space ship?
17. What was the thing that you most enjoyed in the weightless condition?
18. Do you have day and night in the ISS? What is the difference of 1temperature between daytime and night time?
19. Is solubility different from the Earth surface?
20. What is the shape of flame of candle in the space?






・Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule(AMSAT.org)





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