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 交信は日本時間の8月13日(月)18時23分09秒からおよそ9分30秒間にわたって行われる。国際宇宙ステーションのコールサインは「NA1SS」。ARISS JapanのWebサイトによると、ISSからは145.80MHzで音声信号が送られてくる。




1. What did you do at first when you arrived at ISS?
2. Did you have any difficulties in space?
3. How many times do you change your orbit due to rubbish or meteorite in a day?
4. Have you ever received any electric waves from space.
5. What is the most fearful experience in space?
6. What is the temperature in your station?
7. How long do you sleep in ISS?
8. Do you exercise in ISS?
9. What is your favorite space diet?
10. What kind of experiments are you doing?
11. What is the most beautiful thing in space?
12. What do you want to do after you back home?
13. How do you extinguish a fire?
14. Which country is the standard of your watch?
15. What kind of amusements are you enjoying on the ISS?
16. How is the taste of space food there?
17. Did your height grow?
18. Did you get injured in space?
19. What kind of entertainment is there?
20. How many kinds of space food there?
21. Would you like to go back to the earth or stay in ISS?
22. How do you decide opinions between ISS members?







・Masacoのむせんのせかい 名古屋工業高等学校のみなさん(月刊FBニュース 2016年10月号)
・Upcoming Contacts(ARISS.org)





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